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Welcome to Breaking the Free Will Illusion for the Betterment of Humankind! Here you’ll find a whole lot of information and content about one of the most pervasive illusions in the world: Free Will! Also, for an in depth look, the book is currently out as an Amazon Kindle ebook and paperback!



Compatibilism: A Parable (comic)

Found this cartoon by Zack Weinersmith of the website and requested / was granted permission to post it here (note: always request permission before you post another person’s artwork or words). See the original post here:

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A Response to a Blog: “This Atheist Believes in Free Will”

I came across a post the other day by an atheist who seems to be a public speaker, and who runs a blog on ChicagoNow. This post was about the “free will” topic and how he holds a belief in free will. To be fair I suspect that the blogger is unfamiliar with much of […]

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Free Will Exists!! (and Happy S-S-Day)

Hi, I’m August 31st ‘Trick and I proclaim that free will does indeed exist.  You may find it strange that I’m saying this given that this is the “Breaking the Free WIll Illusion” website, but the reality is that posts on this website explaining why free will does not exist and what it means are not written […]

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A Compatibilism / Incompatibilism Transformation

If you frequent this blog you know that I pick on compatibilism a lot, and I do so as a point of contention about definitions, focus, and problems inherent when one uses a term in a way that causes a bypass of some serious issues of concern. And though I’m very critical of compatibilism, especially […]

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Hitler Reacts to Free Will Skepticism

Just poking a little fun. Turn on closed captioning (cc) if it is not on by default!

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