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Do You Really Have Free Will? Of Course Not! A Brief Response to Roy Baumeister.

As someone with a site specifically honed on this topic of free will, I look at it as my job to address or debunk various misinformed articles (and other media) by people who have the ability to get a lot of views (For example, remember this Michio Kaku video?). Roy Baumeister, an eminent social psychologist […]

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Common Intuitions about Free Will (and how it needs to be defined)

Some compatibilists like to define free will as something entirely different than the definition I’ve supplied here: FREE WILL. Notice I have both a present tense version: “The ability to choose between more than one viable option or action, in which that choice was up to the chooser.” and a past tense version: “The ability to […]

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Sam Harris on the Experience of ‘No Free Will’

I agree with Sam Harris on many topics (some quibbles here and there). One position we agree on, of course, is his position on free will (the lack there-of). In his book “Free Will” as well as various speeches, videos, and interviews, Harris uses a thought experiment that allows people to see that, if they […]

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Consciousness – An Output of Brain States

Consciousness is a huge topic in which a whole lot of the discussions can be had about “the hard problem” that extends to “qualia” (e.g. the experience of “redness”), how it happens, why it happens (a faulty question in my opinion), how it relates to the brain, and so on.  These discussions about consciousness can be had […]

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Knowledge Requires Causality

Once again I’ve been having a “debate” with someone who is asserting that determinism and knowledge are incompatible. And once again I’ve been pointing out that all determinism means is that every event is causal, and that causality is actually a requirement for consistent and coherent thought and knowledge obtainment. Most people who argue against determinism […]

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