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Consciousness – An Output of Brain States

Consciousness is a huge topic in which a whole lot of the discussions can be had about “the hard problem” that extends to “qualia” (e.g. the experience of “redness”), how it happens, why it happens (a faulty question in my opinion), how it relates to the brain, and so on.  These discussions about consciousness can be had [...]

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Knowledge Requires Causality

Once again I’ve been having a “debate” with someone who is asserting that determinism and knowledge are incompatible. And once again I’ve been pointing out that all determinism means is that every event is causal, and that causality is actually a requirement for consistent and coherent thought and knowledge obtainment. Most people who argue against determinism [...]

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Criticisms of “Michio Kaku: Why Physics Ends the Free Will Debate”

As a philosopher who has educated himself on physics, I’d never try to argue physics with a physicist. That is, until such physicist moves from the realm of physics into the realm of philosophy! Then it’s simply time to correct some huge mistakes, even if that means delving into the philosophy of physics itself . The [...]

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Pointlessness Doesn’t Follow from Determinism (combating non-sequiturs)

Time and time again people express to me their feeling that if determinism is true and the “future is inevitable” due to this, that everything is “pointless”.  That for some reason us being able to freely will a change in the future implies some sort of meaningfulness that an entirely causal universe doesn’t have. This, [...]

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“Belief in Free Will Not Threatened by Neuroscience”? – How to build a strawman.

Recently a post came out titled “Belief in Free Will Not Threatened by Neuroscience”, first appearing on the British Psychological Society’s Research Digest blog, and then in Wired Magazine, written by Christian Jarrett.  Needless to say this article really does quite a job obfuscating and confusing the real “neuroscientific” case made by Sam Harris and others. In [...]

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