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Existence Conflated with Knowledge and the Free Will Debate

A common occurrence that happens in the free will debate is the conflation between what “is” or what “exists” with what we can or cannot “know”. In philosophical terms such is the conflation between an ontic understanding and an epistemic understanding. In case the philosophical terms arise in a discussion, all you really need to know […]

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Deserve Justifies Inequality

In this article I want to get people thinking about the types of things that justify inequality. And when I say “inequality” I mean inequality of anything at all, but for the most part let’s address inequality of well-being (e.g. wealth, health, etc.). What are the reasons one might justify their own well-being at the expense of […]

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Brain Noise Being Labeled as Free Will? Not So Fast!

According to a study from the Center for Mind and Brain at the University of California, Davis, random fluctuations in the brain’s “background electrical noise” might have a say in our decisions. An article on the ucdavis.edu website suggests that this could possibly be labeled “free will“. In other words, it opens the free will door. […]

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“Determinism” and “Indeterminism” for the Free Will Debate

The words “determinism” and “indeterminism” tend to cause a lots o’ confusion when they are used. That’s because, as with many words/terms, they can often be used with ambiguous meanings. This post is going to point to some of these usages and also to the common usage that’s of importance for the debate on free will. Let’s start […]

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A Cause Cannot Have Multiple Possible Effects – Infographic

A Cause Cannot Have Multiple Possible Effects An assessment that ties into the free will debate! If X is both the cause of Y and not the cause of Y (e.g. of Z instead), X is self-contradictory. Self-contradictions are logically impossible X cannot logically be both the cause of Y and not the cause of […]

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