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Welcome to Breaking the Free Will Illusion for the Betterment of Humankind! Here you’ll find a whole lot of information and content about one of the most pervasive illusions in the world: Free Will! Also, for an in depth look, the book is currently out as an Amazon Kindle ebook and paperback!



Quarantine Analogy and Free Will Skepticism

If a dangerous contagious disease that we don’t yet have a cure for starts to find its way into the population, we have to quarantine people who have it. But why do we do this? The answer is simple, it prevents the ability for the disease to spread. But what if a person with the contagious […]

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Free Will Intuitions: Fred and Barney Case Study – InfoGraphic

Some compatibilists find it hard to believe that a large majority of the world actually does intuitively believe in the incoherent definition of free will. They think it’s fine and dandy to redefine the word as if the other definition is of no concern what-so-ever. Others realize that people do actually have these intuitions but […]

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Leprechauns vs. Free Will (Comparing Beliefs)

There is no evidence for free will (as defined here), just as there is no evidence for leprechauns. Indeed, there is just as much burden of proof required for the claim that such free will exists as there is for the claim that leprechauns exist. We could technically just default to this burden and say […]

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Brain Tumors, Microchips, and Free Will… Oh My

Some compatibilists think that so long as we can make decisions to “do what we want” that such decisions are sufficient to label as “free will”. They don’t, however, understand the implications of such thinking. Take a look at this excerpt from my book Breaking the Free Will Illusion for the Betterment of Humankind: Some compatibilists […]

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“Free Will vs. Determinism” – Do We Need a Better Label?

The free will debate is almost always classified/labeled as a debate between “free will vs. determinism”. This confuses many into thinking that if determinism is incompatible with free will (which it is), people just need to show that determinism isn’t necessarily the case and automatically the possibility for free will opens up. In other words, […]

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