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Welcome to Breaking the Free Will Illusion for the Betterment of Humankind! Here you’ll find a whole lot of information and content about one of the most pervasive illusions in the world: Free Will! Also, for an in depth look, the book is currently out as an Amazon Kindle ebook and paperback!



The Free Will Machine – A silly cartoon about “libertarian” free will

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Could Have Done Otherwise (Free Will Comparison) – INFOGRAPHIC

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Mental Causation – A Case for Mental Causation

Some people believe that there is a separation between the causal events of the world, and the consciousness that happens or that arises from such. In other words, even if the mental may be caused by the physical or is in ways correlated to it, they’d suggest that the mental has no causation back to the physical. This rejection […]

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A Free Will Story: The Floomps and Moomps

The floomps are a creature not too unlike us (but much furrier). They live in their little floomp village and work together in a civilized fashion. The floomps believe in free will. They believe that any other floomp has multiple options to choose from, and more importantly that all of those options are real possibilities. In other […]

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5 “Free Will” Abilities You DON’T Have! – INFOGRAPHIC

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