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Free Will Illusion – Why It’s Called an Illusion

If you’ve read anything regarding free will skepticism, it’s likely that you’ve heard the term “free will illusion” or “the illusion of free will”. This is a common expression used to denote that the free will that most people intuitively feel they possess isn’t something real. Like an optical illusion or an illusion created by your […]

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A Temporary Imposed Lack of Belief in Free Will? Seriously?

There are various studies out and about that (poorly) suggest that a lack of free will leads to unethical actions. I’ll be getting into some of these studies in future posts, in which this article will be a necessary precursor. It’s my objective to point back to this article and various others such as Problems With The […]

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What It Doesn’t Mean to NOT Have Free Will – INFOGRAPHIC

There are a whole lot of things that people make assumptions over that are incorrect about the lack of free will. This infographic gives just a few of some common ones. Of course there is much more than this, but hopefully this infographic will help distill some of these mistakes and non-sequiturs.  Keep in mind that infographics are […]

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Problems With The Free Will and Determinism Plus Scale (FAD-Plus)

A common tool used in various psychological studies attempting to assess how people act when they believe they have free will compared to when they do not is “The Free Will and Determinism Plus (FAD-Plus) scale“. The purpose of the scale is to distinguish between people who believe in free will and those who do not. This […]

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Do You Really Have Free Will? Of Course Not! A Brief Response to Roy Baumeister.

As someone with a site specifically honed on this topic of free will, I look at it as my job to address or debunk various misinformed articles (and other media) by people who have the ability to get a lot of views (For example, remember this Michio Kaku video?). Roy Baumeister, an eminent social psychologist […]

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