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Welcome to Breaking the Free Will Illusion for the Betterment of Humankind! Here you’ll find a whole lot of information and content about one of the most pervasive illusions in the world: Free Will! Also, for an in depth look, the book is currently out as an Amazon Kindle ebook and paperback!



Hitler Reacts to Free Will Skepticism

Just poking a little fun. Turn on closed captioning (cc) if it is not on by default!

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The Only Free Will Worth Wanting …

Found by a reader of in the UK who saw this poster in a waiting room: “I was in my GP’s waiting room this morning & my eyes were drawn to a poster on the noticeboard similar to the one below.  Your free will posts have so thoroughly meme-iated my head that it took me a few seconds […]

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The “But We Can Never Rewind Time” Response (for the free will debate)

There is a common complaint that I’ve heard by more than one free will believer: when asked to think about “if all events are caused (deterministic) and if we could bring back time to some point before a decision was made, could the person have decided differently?”, some people complain that “well we can’t do […]

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On The Practical Importance of the Free Will Debate

Compatibilists and incompatibilists disagree on how the term “free will” should be defined. Rather than focus of specific compatibilist or incompatibilist definitions, Gregg Caruso and Stephen Morris wrote a paper on what is of philosophical and practical importance for the free will debate. That paper is titled: Compatibilism and Retributivist Desert Moral Responsibility: On What […]

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The Negligence in a Study: It’s OK if ‘My Brain Made Me Do It’

In this post, I want to tell a little story about how a study can be negligent, and due to that negligence assert conclusions that should not be made. That study is titled “It’s OK if ‘my brain made me do it’: People’s intuitions about free will and neuroscientific prediction” by Eddy Nahmias, Jason Shepard, and […]

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