Aug 312017

freewill-exists-semantic-shift-dayHi, I’m August 31st ‘Trick and I proclaim that free will does indeed exist.  You may find it strange that I’m saying this given that this is the “Breaking the Free WIll Illusion” website, but the reality is that posts on this website explaining why free will does not exist and what it means are not written by August 31st ‘Trick but rather from a different day of the year ‘Trick, for example, August 30th ‘Trick.  I, August 31st ‘Trick say that free will for sure exists, and am what is called a “free will compatibilist“. Continue reading »

Aug 312015

Semantic Shift DayThat’s right, I’m creating a much needed holiday. Today, August 31st, is officially “Semantic Shift Day“!


It’s the day where we change the definitions of words around for everything that doesn’t exist so that we can officially, only for one day a year, say it does exist! Continue reading »