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freewill-exists-semantic-shift-dayHi, I’m August 31st ‘Trick and I proclaim that free will does indeed exist.  You may find it strange that I’m saying this given that this is the “Breaking the Free WIll Illusion” website, but the reality is that posts on this website explaining why free will does not exist and what it means are not written by August 31st ‘Trick but rather from a different day of the year ‘Trick, for example, August 30th ‘Trick.  I, August 31st ‘Trick say that free will for sure exists, and am what is called a “free will compatibilist“.

Free will does not exist you say? Well, I ask you this: Is there ever a time that our body does what we want or desire it to do?

I say yes to this. You say what we want can never have been, of our own accord, otherwise? You say, for those times that we do what we want, that we could not have done, of our own accord, differently? Sure that is all true, but I simply define free will as:

“The ability for our body to enact what we desire or want it to do at some given time.”

It simply doesn’t matter that this free will ability cannot grant strong “just desert” moral responsibility – a major issue of concern for the topic. It simply doesn’t matter that my definition bypasses the practical importance of the free will debate. It simply doesn’t matter that most people think they could have done otherwise, even when given an entirely deterministic scenario. It simply doesn’t matter that most people support notions of blameworthiness and retribution. It simply does not matter that this definition of free will is an untraditional semantic shift that will only cause confusion. It simply doesn’t matter the harms of free will belief or the benefits of lacking the belief. As a good free will compatibilist, on August 31st we can just dismiss all of that other stuff.

I also want it to be perfectly clear that I, August 31st ‘Trick, also proclaim that fairies exist (just in case you were curious about the fairy topic). I have seen them and so has most people! They often float around in the air.

I also wanted to remind you of what today is! Today is…

August 31st – the day of the BEST HOLIDAY EVERRRR!


See rules on the August 31st, 2015 post – the day of this holidays inception:

Semantic Shift Day – August 31st

See the 2016 post:

Happy Semantic Shift Day – Define the Non-Existent into Existence!

Make sure you celebrate today!..and set a calendar reminder to remind yourself next year:
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'Trick Slattery is the author of Breaking the Free Will Illusion for the Betterment of Humankind. He's an author, philosopher, artist, content creator, and entrepreneur. He has loved and immersed himself in philosophy since he was teenager. It is his first and strongest passion. Throughout the years he has built a philosophy based on analytic logic and critical thinking. Some of the topics he is most interested in are of a controversial variety, but his passion for the topics and their importance drives him to want to express these ideas to others. His other passions include pen and ink line art and digital artwork.

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