Sep 262014

Spotted Unicorn and Free Will - BOTH FANTASY!

I made a digital illustration of a fantasy unicorn type creature (for the fun of it) and thought it would be fun to add a little free will silliness to it….since it is a “fantasy” scene after all. The original will eventually be going on my art website at – and it will be without the little free will creature and text bubble when I put it there. Yes, I don’t just do philosophy, I do art as well. 😉

For this fun and silly “revised version” I added a little purple transparent winged creature with a glowing “free will” in the middle. The unicorn recognizes the absurdity of such free will and realizes that he must not exist either. That his whole scene must be “fantasy” and not the real world. 😉

I also added this version to a T-Shirt here…and if interested I could throw it on any number of products (the high res version).

Feel free to use the above image on any website with a link back to this page or my site., and share on social media.

It started out as a pen and ink line-art sketch:
Pen and Ink UnicornWhich I scanned in and recreated digitally in Photoshop:Color Unicorn - PhotoshopWhich I then created the forest background in Photoshop. Only later did I decide to add the silly free will creature with the text bubble…and only for this website. Hope you like!



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'Trick Slattery

'Trick Slattery is the author of Breaking the Free Will Illusion for the Betterment of Humankind. He's an author, philosopher, artist, content creator, and entrepreneur. He has loved and immersed himself in philosophy since he was teenager. It is his first and strongest passion. Throughout the years he has built a philosophy based on analytic logic and critical thinking. Some of the topics he is most interested in are of a controversial variety, but his passion for the topics and their importance drives him to want to express these ideas to others. His other passions include pen and ink line art and digital artwork.

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  1. I happen to be a big fan of the show My Little Pony and this inspires a general like of unicorns and other horselike animals. That is a real nice unicorn picture.

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