Jan 262015


…for the Betterment of Humankind!

For a limited time the Kindle version of Breaking the Free Will Illusion for the Betterment of Humankind will be having an awesome deal (amazon.com and amazon.co.uk only).

Starting Thursday January 29 @ 8AM PST and ending Thursday February 5th at 12AM PST (or midnight on Wednesday), the Kindle version will be having what is called a “Countdown Deal”. So how does a countdown deal work?

The price will start at 99 CENTS  and  go back up to the full price on February 5th.

You will see something like this on the Amazon Kindle book page:

So yeah, download your copy of the Kindle version at this time. Don’t miss out! Follow one of the links below:


And when you read it, send me an email to let me know whatcha think. And if you liked it or it gave you “food for thought”, please leave me an Amazon review – I’d be very grateful!



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'Trick Slattery

'Trick Slattery is the author of Breaking the Free Will Illusion for the Betterment of Humankind. He's an author, philosopher, artist, content creator, and entrepreneur. He has loved and immersed himself in philosophy since he was teenager. It is his first and strongest passion. Throughout the years he has built a philosophy based on analytic logic and critical thinking. Some of the topics he is most interested in are of a controversial variety, but his passion for the topics and their importance drives him to want to express these ideas to others. His other passions include pen and ink line art and digital artwork.

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