Mar 122014

I have someone proofing / editing my book as I type this. I’m excited to get the book (Breaking the Free Will Illusion for the Betterment of Humankind) out very soon! Right now I’m illustrating some key points and some fun ones as well. Here is a sampler of one of the illustrations that has to do with the nature of causal events (the cute round figure) and acausal events (the crazy eyed pointy figure “popping” into existence).

7-5-cause_and acausal_b_or_c-TRICK_SLATTERY

Of course the book explains what the picture is addressing,  but this is just to give you an idea about some of the imagery the book will contain within it. I’ll probably be displaying some further illustrations on this blog as I go along. After all, I’m not just a philosopher and writer, but an illustrator and graphic designer as well.
Once I go over the editing with a fine toothed comb, I’ll be ready to add in my illustrations and place my book on I’ve decided that ebook format is really the future and the way I want to go. Initially it will only be available on Amazon in Kindle format (which a number of different ereaders, devices, and computers can read), but later there will be a hardcopy book as well. After some time on Amazon I may decide to place the book in other formats also, but for at least 90 days the book will be exclusive to Amazon.

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Oct 182013

I’ve recreated the cover of my book and revamped my website. Yes, I’m still editing it. It’s taking a long time as I’m quite the perfectionist. I’m thinking I will have to let a few things go in regards to wording if I’m ever to get my book out to the world (at least for the first edition)! As you might know, I’m not only a writer of philosophy, but I’m also an artist (see, a WordPress site builder / designer, a freelancer, and a entrepreneur (I always have a project going on). I don’t write my books full-time for a living (though would love to as they are my passion…along with my art that is).

That being said, I’m also looking to illustrate parts of my book, another time consuming objective if I get to it. We’ll see how many illustrations I can do that can help people visualize certain key concepts.

This site I had just sort of thrown up a while back, and I’m just now starting to revamp it. I’ve recreated my book cover (done in Photoshop) and I also added a new theme for the website with a new header based on the book cover!

My new book cover:

Breaking the Free Will Illusion - BOOK COVER

Let me know what you think in the comments below! The idea was to keep it readable and simple, sort of showing a zoomed out “watcher” perceptive of inter-related connections. No doubt I may end up revising it more before the book is finally complete. We’ll see.

Anyway, I may blog on here a little more frequently, so please connect by subscribing.

Sep 212012

Welcome to the “Breaking the Free Will Illusion for the Betterment of Humankind” website. This is a website for the book written by ‘Trick Slattery in regards to why Free Will (in the sense that holds important implications) is incoherent and why it conceptually needs to be abandoned.

The book is currently being written (‘Trick is on the 2nd draft of this book).