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Boxes of Contradictions including Free Will Shirt

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Someone has stored a bunch of contradictions in old boxes including contradictory non-bunny bunnies, pink colorless square circles, and free will. That’s right, free will is up there with any other self-contradictory concept. This is black and white line art created by ‘Trick.

The logo represents that you have broken away from the free will illusion. The three smaller circles on the logo represent multiple viable options. The options that someone with “free will” would be able to take. The mid-sized circle represents the “willer”. The person, self, or entity that would have the illusion of possessing this fantastical ability. And the thicker circle with the line through is the breaking of the illusion. It’s basically saying that such ability is impossible.

This product is fully Customizable!

When you are at the Zazzle website just hit the “Customize It” button to move things around, add your own text, upload your own  images, and so on! You can also change the shirt that  this design is on. There are shirts and clothes for men, women, children, and babies to choose from in a number of different styles, sizes, and colors! You are not restricted to the shirt you see here! Click “Buy at Zazzle” to get to the Zazzle store where you can make all of these changes.

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'Trick Slattery

'Trick Slattery is the author of Breaking the Free Will Illusion for the Betterment of Humankind. He's an author, philosopher, artist, content creator, and entrepreneur. He has loved and immersed himself in philosophy since he was teenager. It is his first and strongest passion. Throughout the years he has built a philosophy based on analytic logic and critical thinking. Some of the topics he is most interested in are of a controversial variety, but his passion for the topics and their importance drives him to want to express these ideas to others. His other passions include pen and ink line art and digital artwork.

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